Trail of Destruction™ — Typhoon Aere

Photos snapped from the company bus this morning:

guang hua building hexiang xilu meihu lu
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Some were kept awake by the sound of the typhoon wind. Others, yours truly included, slept right through it.

7 thoughts on “Trail of Destruction™ — Typhoon Aere

  1. Sleeping through a typhoon: no problem. Sleeping through a Canadian blizzard: no problem. Sleeping through a sandstorm in Afghanistan: no problem. Done that, been there got the cheap souvenir to go with it. Sleep through this tropical torrid heat and humidity: no can do!!!

  2. Maria: Unfortunately, no. That's why I have to be the one to go a look at the proofs.

    Phillipe: One word – airconditioning.

  3. Good guess, Maria, maybe someday we'll know for sure, The best I've seen in a thumbnail inlargement. A real web seeress. Okay, wrong word.

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