Skimming Singaporean weblogs

Otterman writes on the upcoming film, Cages, “a Singapore-US feature film that aims to raise awareness of the handicapped in Singapore.” He also links to an interesting piece on Toronto’s Bicycle/Motor-Vehicle Collision Study.

Vanessa posts on the bittersweet experiences she’s having after having switched from PC to Mac.

Charlene, on the other hand, is going through an almost computer-free phase.

Chu Yeow, gadget-deprived, is coveting an iPod Mini.

5 thoughts on “Skimming Singaporean weblogs

  1. I saw two different colours of the iPod Mini on sale at Best Denki at Great World City <del>this</del> last evening.

    They were lying right next to the Zen Touch, which really looked out of place because the Minis looked so much cooler.

  2. You mean on 10 Aug or 9 Aug.

    I must say the Best Denki people on the phone lines give pretty crappy service. They don't sound very friendly and don't bother to check for you the availability in other stores. Neither did they take the initiative to tell me when the new stocks will arrive. Harvey Norman is a completely different story because the guy was totally friendly, checked out the stocks in the other branches, and even told me when the stocks will arrive.

    Anyway, 1pm! 4 hours away! Woohoo!

  3. Hmm funny. As I was typing I realised it was just past midnight. So I used the 'del' tags around the word 'this'. HTML doesn't show up on this page, I guess. You can tell from the timestamp, anyway! :-P

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