Notes on the first day at work

I promise that I only look this dazed and confused because I’m a newbie at the office. I promise I will one day remember everyone’s name, their department, and what floor they work on. I promise that I will one day get vocal at a meeting where the only language used is Chinese, even if it’s only to ask a question. I promise to bring my own coffee mug in the morning. I promise to learn to use my computer’s Chinese version of Windows 98 as well as I learned how to use it in English (or I could get a new computer…). And I promise not to surf porn in the office.

My first day was good. I was assigned a number of projects. I was given stationery. I have my own computer and my own extension. Goddamn, I have an office, although that’s down to a complete fluke and is no measure of my abilities and experience.

(I got home to find out from SimonWorld that Glenn had, as promised, sent some link love my way while I was busy trying to get used to a full-time job again. Thank you, Glenn.)

I’m tired, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow.

13 thoughts on “Notes on the first day at work

  1. Congrats.

    But seriously, win98 in chinese? that thing was an abortion in english, i'd hate to imagine that it's like in chinese.

  2. Heh, does every copy of Win98 in the office a different registered serial number? Sorry, just trying to cause trouble.

    I am still using Win98 because I am waiting for M$ to release a Service Pack of XP that does not immediately need 100 MB of critical security patches.

  3. The cleaning lady actually comes into my 'office' to use the phone as and when she pleases!

  4. She probably also has a big mop to chase people with if they annoy her when she's on the phone!

  5. My idea is to lock the phone away in the drawer, but that would make it kind of hard for me to receive calls.

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