Males are an endless source of amusement

THE SCENE. NEIL, BEN, and JEFF at dinner. Pretend I’m the WINGED INSECT buzzing around the tea. Pretend this conversation is verbatim, but it’s actually paraphrased from memory. I stand by the punchline.

BEN: Jeff, I looked up stuff about nuts and fat, and you’re right, it’s the healthiest fat you can get.

JEFF: (Goes off about fat and cholesterol and health, while the WINGED INSECT zones out — healthy eating is not part of a bug’s life. The WINGED INSECT wants some of that peanut smoothie.)

NEIL (smirking): I can hear it now, “But baby, it’s okay! It’s nut fat!”

WINGED INSECT hides in the shame that she started dating NEIL because he seemed like such a decent, clean cut boy at the time.

4 thoughts on “Males are an endless source of amusement

  1. …just pretend that you don’t know him until the last moment, when it’s really impossible to ignore him anymore… as the whole church awaits your answer cringing as the minutes tick by… ;)

  2. …oh and i don't have a PC set-up here, and I'm on a mac, but your layout looks a bit funky on a mac. I guess that's to be expected, just thought I would let you know…

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