Welcome to Old China

When, oh when, will these deluded attitudes change? I don’t refer specifically to the US bashing the author indulges in, but the screaming assertions that China is a great country, ruled by great people with the full, informed support of the population, and innocent as the driven snow, but always attacked by the evil West because they envy her goodness and astounding progress.

My favourite paragraph displays a contradiction so glaring I wonder if the author had to shut their brain down in order to type it:

Rule by the majority, not rule by the small or limited vested interest, for China is a huge population and must be ruled by the majority, to do less would be criminal in itself.

All foreigners in China will, at some point, encounter Old China. Old China is an anachronism. Old China must go. But I guess they have to finish trying to intimidate Taiwan and making themselves feel they have big willies first, what with the military exercises off Dongshan and ranty posturing in the media.

I did a loosely-translated running commentary on a teevee programme Neil and I saw when we were out to dinner. It involved a Chinese current affairs journalist reporting on the latest from Taiwan. Mainly:

  • Taiwan is horrible. Its economy is failing.
  • Taiwan is horrible. Its government is messing up and people are protesting (oh, the irony).
  • Taiwan is horrible. There is a huge disparity between female and male population numbers (I don’t even know where to begin).

(I got the first link from The Gweilo Diaries.)

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Old China

  1. Empty nationalism has always been the ruin of a country. But, then again in any big country like China there are enough sane people around to moderate such rants.

  2. It's very interesting seeing how Chinese-language Chinese TV presents Taiwan. While I was on holiday in China I watched quite a lot of CCTV 9 (the English-language service), and was struck by how little time was devoted to presenting other countries in a bad light. There was plenty of blatant propaganda, but it was of the "PRC good" rather than "everyone else bad" variety. I should have known that the service actually aimed at Chinese people would have been different….

  3. Eldan, it’s probably only because of the timing that China is now producing negative programming about Taiwan. I’ve seen CCTV 9 as well, it’s quite different indeed!

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