This weekend I…

  • had dinner at Le Mezina (the food’s all right, but they’ve really got something special with those Nutella crepes)
  • finished watching the final season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (*sniff* Spike; and boy, does Alyson Hannigan look and sound like a completely different person – still hot – when she’s not Willow or band camp girl)
  • watched Starsky and Hutch (did they really have dance-offs in the Seventies – and David Soul has not aged well at all)
  • stayed up till dawn at a birthday party (where the host and hostess share the same birthday – and are dating, to boot)
  • had dinner at Havana (after sleeping all day and suffering a killer hangover)
  • watched Mystic River (what a depressing film; Neil reckons Sean Penn is going for a Robert De Niro persona – not pretty, but arresting enough to be a leading man)

2 thoughts on “This weekend I…

  1. I’ve always liked Tim Robbins. I enjoyed the film, but you have to admit it was kind of depressing.

  2. I found Mystic River to be a thoughtful film. Robbins did a great job. As did Penn. And Baconǿhot stuff. Yum.

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