• mdmhvonpa says:

    Come to America! Free Leukemia for the first 1000 visitors. Enter the drawing for a life-time supply of Melanoma!

  • mdmhvonpa says:

    Not to poo-poo this, but we have been dumping the kind of radioactive waste for years in our urban wastelands. Hell, the background radiation in half the US cities is more than nominally higher than what is natural in rural areas. Medical waste (xray components, etc) have been found all over NYC for years. I think that if a terrorist did detonate a 'dirty bomb', we would actually have a good case for finally cleaning up some of this cruft. I lived in Utah for years and am officially part of the 'Down-Winders' association. Yep, good old fashioned nuclear fallout courtesy of the Military Industrial Complex.

  • andrea says:

    You're really selling your country as a tourist destination! Heh.

  • Terry says:

    I remember reading a story about how a metal fabrication plant in Mexico accidentally dumped an x-ray source into a batch of metal used for table legs. Take your own x-rays at home! Ahh, the wonders of NAFTA.