Child labour

all work considered

Looking for work as a yard helper. All work considered, no jobs too small. Reasonable rates.

Yes, I’m kidding.

Ignorance is strength

What is the government trying to hide?, asks Andrew Loh. According to the PAP-led government, only the Lee Kuan Yew version of Singapore’s (post-war-leading-to-independence) history is the correct one, all other potentially dissenting accounts are self-serving, a threat to national security, or virtually inciting violence (i.e, the national security argument again).

It’s a tough one. Singaporeans have been coddled for so long that we are certainly very immature in some ways, but we’re not idiots. Trying to control the official version of history only serves to make the defenders look even more out of touch with reality.

Via Lucian Teo on Facebook.