And this week’s lucky dead plants are

Our family’s almost-vegan food prep this week includes:

  • roasted broccoli and red kidney beans
  • stir-fried white cabbage, baby corn and shredded courgette (neither rugrat will eat courgette unless it is well-disguised, so this is attempt number Deity Knows)
  • boiled broad beans
  • tofu crumbles (inspired by this corn soup and tofu larb recipe)

These are theoretically going to be mix and matched into a myriad of delicious combinations served with noodles, rice, pasta, and so on; in reality, one child will just whine about how she doesn’t like it, while the other one will make a face because she can’t speak in sentences yet (the “What is this crap you’re trying to feed me?!” expression).

Dark circles

I should have known that large pieces of blank card, even when split up via a string (lightly-pencilled ‘guide lines’) wouldn’t hold my attention. Teeny tiny tiles make tangling much more satisfying and meditative for me.