Fitness videos...

... have never been my thing. Gyms have never been my thing, either. Nor yoga classes. Nor anything that requires purchasing of equipment. But, needs must. Thank deities for YouTube, I guess. I do a combination of HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and core (because my core is lousy) for all of 15-20 minutes, followed by wall walks (to handstand), five mornings a week. Sometimes I go for a run (locally, while the lockdown is on - running round back alleys of my neighbourhood is a bit shit).

The following videos are the ones I use most frequently right now.


What the hell is a tabata?

This is a new discovery, I tried the workout for the first time today (17 April 2020) and found it sufficiently difficult, but achievable with practice.


The workout I've been doing the longest.

Then I started alternating this workout in when I started getting a bit bored.

Wall walks

It is what it is, I walk backwards up a wall into a handstand, so I am facing the wall, i.e. I'm not kicking up into a handstand. I try and work on my body shape (which is why core strength is important), and I am currently trying to shift my weight from hand to hand. All this will hopefully make me more stable when I'm in handstand.