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Harvest begins

Crow garlic flowers

Crow garlic standing proud

So that's a bit of an overstatement as I put in practically no effort. Sure, Neil is occasionally tasked with strimming the grass, and sometimes I am able to scrounge unwanted fruit bushes / trees off friends.

While I don't get the bounties those who tend their plots with care do, it's always a delight to be able to bring something home.

Bowl of strawberries

A bowl of strawberries

Take these strawberries. I have not set aside any space to grow strawberries, these run wild all over the place, so when summer arrives, I get down low and start looking for ripe fruit amongst the trees, grass, and other random plants that grow there. I've considered trying to separate out some runners and actually creating a bed of the things, leaving the rest of the fruit to the woodlice.

Date posted:
28th June 2022