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Shoulder-high grass at the Redcliffe Street Leisure Gardens

A few photos from my visit to our little allotment half-plot today:

snail and slug
I don't what this snail and slug were doing, but they were doing it slowly
snail in apple tree
Another snail, this time on one of our apple trees
cut leaf cranesbill
Google Lens says this is a cut leaf cranesbill
oak sapling
I wonder if this oak sapling will survive in the shadow of the large cobnut trees
Slugs are not my friends, but I recognise they have a role to play
Wee strawberries everywhere - someone's runners ran a marathon

It's probably the scruffiest of all the plots, as:

  1. My plan was to aim for a food forest type situation; and
  2. I'm lazy as fuck.

I'm thinking that we need to cut some grass, though. So hopefully we'll get round to strimming pathways and clearing spaces around our fruit trees and shrubs.

Date posted:
24th May 2022